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Most people do not closely follow the green coffee market, but there has been some very unusual activity in the price of green coffee beans in 2010. Due to higher volume of coffee drinkers around the world, fears of reduced harvests in the leading coffee growing regions in the world (Columbia and Vietnam), as well as two years of poor harvests in Central America the price of Arabica beans have gone up 40 to 60 percent in the past year and are currently at an all time high. This has definitely had an impact on the large coffee roasting companies in the states where JM Smucker (Dunkin' Donuts, Millstone, and Folgers) as well as Kraft and Starbucks have all announced hefty increases to their roasted coffee offerings.

Unfortunately, it is not just the big companies dealing with these record breaking price increases and it is with great deliberation that Frank&Steve's Coffee needs to raise the price on our coffee from $10 a bag to $11 a bag. But, while the price has to change, there are some things that will remain the same. Frank&Steve's Coffee is still committed to providing a cup of coffee that is always fresh; always delicious. Each bag of coffee you purchase will receive the same careful attention you have come to expect from our micro-roasting process so that your coffee will taste as good as it smells!

In addition, we just received our next bag of coffee, a Cost Rica Tarrazu! We have found a roast profile for this bean that produces a little darker-than-medium roast and, what has been described by some of our tasters as "an exotic cup of coffee" and "rediculicious" (ridiculously delicious!). We are exited about our latest offering and can't wait for you try it.

So, while we apologize for having to raise prices, we are sure you will continue to love our freshly roasted coffee and canít wait for you to reach the bottom of your cup and exclaim, "Ahhh! Thatís the flavah!